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Help: Home page

What is available from the Home Page?

The Home page contains useful ways of accessing the information contained in FIAF:

You can use the Quick Search box to start searching in FIAF straight away:

TIP: FIAF will automatically look for variant spellings of certain common words in English; for example entering theater will also return results containing the word theatre. This feature can be over-ridden by enclosing the keyword in double-quotes e.g. "theater".

The Search link opens the search page for the Index to Film Periodicals. There are additional search links on the home page which jump you to a search page for each of the FIAF databases.

The Information Resources area includes news on recent and forthcoming additions to FIAF, resources for users, content and editorial policy, and contact details.

The My Archive link gives you password-controlled access to items you have stored from previous sessions.